A flexible, short-term
leasing package

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What is FlexiDrive

FlexiDrive is our new short-term leasing package. With FlexiDrive, you just need to hire a car for at least three months, then you have the flexibility to return it whenever it suits you!

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What are the benefits?

When you use FlexiDrive, one of the main benefits is that you’re not tied in to a long-term commitment. However, there are lots of other great things about this package...

  • No long-term commitment
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Return the car when it suits you

Why choose Arnold Clark Vehicle Management

  • No long-term commitment.
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Return the car when it suits you.

Who would use FlexiDrive?

Lots of different businesses and sectors use FlexiDrive. Whether you need it as a temporary solution, or it’s the main source of vehicles for your business, it’s a great tool to have when you don’t want to commit to anything long-term. For example, it would suit:

Company car drivers on their probation period.

Businesses with
seasonal demands.

Employees who don’t have a company car but need a vehicle.

For drivers waiting on their new company car being delivered.

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