Salary exchange

The ultimate salary exchange car scheme

Our Salary Exchange scheme includes servicing, maintenance, tyre replacements, breakdown cover and comprehensive motor insurance. We also conduct an annual driving licence check for each employee, which helps ensure you meet your Duty of Care responsibilities.

It helps with recruitment and staff retention by giving your employees the chance to own a brand new car for much less than they would have paid in the marketplace. That’s because salary is sacrificed before tax and National Insurance contributions are taken, so employees can make significant savings.


Optimizer is the Arnold Clark Salary Exchange Scheme for cars. It’s a great way to increase the value of rewards you can offer staff, without adding to your costs.

If you are already an Optimizer customer you can access your account here.

Benefits of Salary Exchange

  • Employer & Employee save NIC on salary reduction
  • Employees save income tax on salary reduction
  • The income tax payable on Benefit in Kind is lower
  • Encourages lower P11D and CO2 emissions on cars
  • Helps reduce Duty of Care risks for the business
  • Help improve your green credentials
  • Fleet discounts can be passed on to your employees
  • There’s a wide choice of vehicles
  • Free delivery anywhere on the UK mainland