The Arnold Clark Vehicle Management tool that allows your drivers to record their company car journeys online, helping to maintain up-to-date and current mileage records for your fleet.

Controlling mileage is the key to reducing vehicle costs. Our mobile app simple and easy to use, and will help you control and monitor your drivers’ business mileage.

Journeys mobile app

Journeys is a mileage logging mobile application that your drivers can use to record their business journeys.

It can be used for company car vehicles, pool vehicles and grey fleet vehicles, providing you with a comprehensive picture of total business mileage.

Journeys Screenshot

Journeys web app

We also offer a web version of Journeys as part of AutoCentre, our web suite of fleet management tools, to give your drivers more options and flexibility to log their journeys and check their recent driving history.

In our experience, simply asking drivers to record their business journeys can significantly change driving behaviour and reduce mileage by as much as 15% a year.

Journeys Screenshot