What is Journeys?

Screens from Journeys application

Journeys is a mileage management solution that’s exclusively reserved for customers of Arnold Clark Vehicle Management.

By tracking your business miles and giving you essential data on your fleet, it can help reduce transport costs and lower environmental impact. Journeys can also increase the productivity of your business.

Journeys is a simple and convenient way for drivers to log business trips. It makes it easier for you to implement an effective mileage management programme, while allowing you to see where improvements can be made to make your fleet more efficient.

How drivers can use Journeys

Journeys is available for Android and iOS mobile devices. After downloading the free app, drivers can simply sign on using their AutoCentre account details.

What’s more, Journeys will record mileage driven in any UK registered vehicle, giving you a comprehensive overview of your business miles – ideal for managing grey fleet.

Find out how Journeys can benefit your business by downloading our handy guide or contacting our team.

Why choose Journeys?

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to access – available on compatible Android and iOS mobile devices
  • Designed with drivers in mind
  • Reduces transport costs
  • Lowers your vehicle emissions and improves efficiency
  • Complies with HMRC requirements
  • Records your journeys in any vehicle