Contract hire

What is contract hire?

Contract hire is the leading funding method for business fleets. A form of vehicle leasing, it allows you more freedom and access to highly competitive rates.

Instead of buying a vehicle, you hire from us on a long-term rental over an agreed period of time. We source the vehicle, and at the end of the contract, you simply return it to us.

As part of Europe’s largest independent car and van retailer, we use our purchasing power to give you the most competitive monthly prices on new vehicles.

The benefits of vehicle leasing

The ACVM contract hire agreement brings stability, certainty and total control of your expenditure and fleet.

Man reversing

Minimise risk

We remain the vehicle owner, responsible for any unforeseen maintenance charges.


Fixed costs

Just low initial deposits, fixed monthly rentals and no worries about vehicle depreciation.

Meeting room

Expert support

Benefit from our experience and industry knowledge. We build a partnership with you to make your fleet more efficient.


Reduce admin

We take care of everything from acquisition to disposal and daily fleet management, reducing your admin work.


No unfair charges

We don’t profit from de-fleet recharges and we share our end of contract guide based on the BVRLA’s industry standard.

Man driving

Tailored to you

We work with you to create a vehicle policy that meets your individual business needs.

Contract hire vs outright purchase

Find the right funding method for you. We compare the benefits of leasing a vehicle vs buying outright.

Show feature comparison
Feature Contract hire Outright purchase
Expert consultancy Yes No
Fixed monthly cost Yes Yes
Low initial deposit Yes No
Vehicle sourced for you Yes No
One supplier for all vehicles Yes No
Fleet administration included Yes No
VED included Yes No
VAT recovered on rental Yes N/A
Rentals allowable against tax Yes N/A
VAT recovery on vehicle purchase N/A No
No depreciation risk Yes No
Servicing and maintenance included Yes (optional) No
Temporary rental vehicles Yes No
Driver support Yes No
Account management Yes No
End of contract disposal Yes No
Charges for damages Yes (see BVRLA guide) No (impact on resale value)
Charges for excess mileage Yes N/A
Rebate of unused mileage Yes N/A
Writing down allowances Yes No

What makes our contract hire different?

Most leasing providers provide a similar range of products. So what makes ours so special?

  • Firstly, we give you one point of contact, a dedicated account manager who can offer expert advice.
  • Secondly, day or night, we’re here to take your call. We don’t use call centres or automated voice systems, and we’re always on hand to help.
  • Finally, we’re fair with mileage. In most cases, if you don’t use it, we’ll give you back unused mileage at the same rate as excess mileage.

Any car, anywhere.

Whatever make, model or manufacturer you need, if it’s available in the UK we can provide any car or LCV. And wherever you are in the UK mainland,
we can also deliver it free of charge.

Not sure if contract hire is right for you?

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