Fuel Management

Take control of your fuel costs

Fuel typically accounts for around 25% of a fleet's overall running costs. It's a significant expense for any business. A fuel card is a great way to control this expenditure. It gives you a clearer picture of where money is being spent, and it helps you identify areas where you could be more efficient and reduce costs.

Arnold Clark Vehicle Management can provide your drivers with a fuel card so they can purchase competitively priced fuel safely and securely at a wide network of filling stations across the UK. Administration is kept to a minimum and all your fuel charges appear on one consolidated monthly statement.

Best of all, we can offer you a unique pricing solution that keeps the business in control of fuel costs while delivering fuel at exceptionally low cost.

In conjunction with our Journeys technology, we also have a number of innovative fuel saving products that can dramatically reduce fuel costs for company car drivers and grey fleet vehicles.

Benefits of Fuel Management

  • Reduce the cost of your fuel
  • Reduce the cost of private mileage
  • Reduce fuel taxation for you and your drivers
  • Take complete control of fuel purchasing
  • Simplify your administration