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Arnold Clark Affinity Cars

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Women driving a car and an image of Hyundai IONIQ
Women driving a car and an image of Hyundai IONIQ

What is Arnold Clark
Affinity Cars?

Affinity Cars lets your employees shop online for market-leading car leasing deals. It's a great way to reward employees who aren't eligible for a company car or for businesses who offer a cash allowance. Your employees will take out a personal car leasing agreement which means we deal directly with them so there's no risk to your business.

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Benefits of Arnold Clark Affinity Cars

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    Staff motivation
    and retention

    To attract the best talent and make sure your employees feel valued, it's important to offer employee benefits. Affinity Cars allows your employees to shop online for competitive car leasing deals that'll be delivered straight to their door.

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    No cost to
    the business

    It's free for your business to sign up for Affinity Cars. It will only cost your employees when they choose to lease with us.

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    24hr customer
    support team

    Day or night, we'll be here to take your employees' calls. We have a dedicated team to handle our 24/7 emergency assistance helpline.

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    Easy to

    Affinity Cars is run through our website so we can deal directly with your employees. We'll also provide you with marketing materials to help promote Affinity Cars within your business.

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How it works

How it works infographic
How it works infographic

Frequently asked questions

How easy is it to implement the car plan?

It's simple! Affinity Cars is run through our website, so we deal directly with your employees.

There's no cost and it won't take up too much of your time. Your account manager will arrange a meeting with you to discuss how you'd like to spread the word to your staff about Affinity Cars.

If you decide you'd like to sign up, we'll assign your business a unique Affinity code, which employees use to register. After that, our specialist team is always on hand to provide help.

What support services are in place?

Day or night, we're here to take your employee's calls. We don't use call centres or automated voice systems and there's a 24/7 emergency assistance helpline for drivers. We also have a dedicated customer services team and within our Affinity website, Knowledge Base provides comprehensive driver support information.

Can employees use the car for business journeys?

As long as you agree, and the employee organises business insurance, they can use their car for business purposes. While you can't limit the cars employees can choose from, you still have complete control over business use.

Can employees take their car if they leave?

Yes. One of the main benefits of a personal car lease is that it is a personal agreement between the employee and us. As a result, if they change employers, it won't affect the agreement and they will continue to make your normal monthly rental payments.

What is the eligibility criteria for the car plan?

Any UK resident over the age of 18 is potentially eligible to hire a car from us. The car is hired on a personal lease agreement between ACVM and the employee and they are free to choose any car they can afford.

What cars are available via Affinity Cars?

We offer the largest selection of new cars you'll find anywhere in the UK. They're delivered free of charge, directly to the employee, whether they're at home or at work.

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