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would likely do business with us again.

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said we’re extremely easy, very easy or fairly easy to deal with.

"We feel that the service provided by Arnold Clark is exemplary. From quoting right through to lease-end transfer, to new cars and terminations, it is seamless. All disputes are handled promptly and resolved in a professional manner."

- Lanarkshire Primary Care

"I have been given extremely good service for many, many years and have built up strong relationships with ACVM’s office in Newcastle. They always do their very best to deal with all of my enquiries efficiently and effectively. It’s a very helpful and friendly service!"

- Pattinson Scientific

    The top words our customers used to describe us were:
  • Efficient
  • Friendly
  • Reliable
  • Helpful
  • Professional

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Alongside the FleetEye survey, Arnold Clark Vehicle Management gathers information from a customer satisfaction index (CSI) survey which is emailed to customers after they do business with us. The questions are designed to encourage customers to answer as honestly as possible about their experience.

We’re committed to treating customers fairly and with integrity, in everything we do. If you need to contact us, our Customer Service department can assist, just click below to get in touch.

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