Sale & leaseback

The ideal way to release capital tied up in vehicles

If you like the sound of Contract Hire but you already own your vehicles, then Sale & Leaseback is for you. It helps you make the switch to Contract Hire quickly and easily, by transferring title of your vehicles to Arnold Clark Vehicle Management.

The process is completely open and transparent: We purchase your vehicles for an agreed price and you receive an instant injection of cash. We assume ownership of your vehicles, which we then hire back to you on Contract Hire.

Sale & Leaseback releases capital you have tied up in vehicles and instantly delivers all the benefits Contract Hire brings.

Benefits of Sale & Leaseback

  • Easy and transparent
  • Frees up capital
  • Fixed transport costs
  • Removes risk of depreciation
  • Removes risk of future servicing, repairs and maintenance
  • Reduces administration