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What is Arnold Clark
Salary Sacrifice?

Similar to a ‘cycle to work’ scheme, employees can select from a fantastic range of brand-new electric cars at affordable prices. To pay for this, employees sacrifice a fixed sum each month before National Insurance tax and income tax, resulting in significant savings for both the employee and the employer. As one of the leading leasing companies in the UK, our salary sacrifice scheme is the perfect EV solution for your business.

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How does it work?


The employer signs up to the scheme with us.


The employee chooses a brand-new electric car from a fantastic range of manufacturers. This is completed through our easy-to-use online platform.


Employees drive away in their brand-new electric car! The payment is taken from their salary each month before National Insurance and income tax is deducted.


Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are available to answer any questions throughout your agreement.

What’s included?

Enjoy complete peace of mind with Arnold Clark Salary Sacrifice

  • Fully comprehensive motor insurance
  • Road tax
  • Breakdown cover
  • MOT
  • Servicing
  • Maintenance
  • Tyre replacement
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Man holding a car key Man holding a car key

Frequently asked questions

What is a salary sacrifice car scheme?

A salary sacrifice car scheme exists in many companies and is the perfect way for employers to attract and retain employees. To pay for this, employees sacrifice part of their salary each month in exchange for a brand-new car. The payment is taken before income tax and National Insurance, resulting in significant savings.

Who is the vehicle agreement between?

The vehicle agreement is between Arnold Clark Vehicle Management and the employer.

The salary sacrifice agreement is between the employer and the employee.

Is a salary sacrifice car a taxable benefit?

To enjoy a salary sacrifice car, an employee must pay benefit-in-kind tax. For electric vehicles this is 2% until 2025.

What is benefit-in-kind tax?

Benefit-in-kind, also known as 'company car tax', is the tax that you pay if you take a car under a salary sacrifice scheme through your employer. You get taxed a small amount for the benefit of having an electric car, while making other savings on income tax and national insurance. At the moment, benefit-in-kind tax for electric cars is 2% until 2025; this makes our salary sacrifice scheme a perfect option for your employees.

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