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Arnold Clark announces partnership with Kempower

As part of the new Arnold Clark Charge network, over 500 electric vehicle chargers will be installed at our branches across the UK.

Arnold Clark is delighted to announce its partnership with Kempower who will provide its rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for our new Arnold Clark Charge network.

We recently announced plans to install over 500 electric vehicle chargers at our branches across the UK in an investment worth £23 million.

Available to anyone with the Arnold Clark app, the Arnold Clark Charge network will be available to book safely and securely on a 24/7 basis.

Eight Kempower Satellites, with the ability to charge up to 150kW, will be installed at larger Arnold Clark branches, with smaller dealerships featuring between two and six of the Kempower Satellite charging points. The Arnold Clark Charge network will also feature Kempower ChargEye charging management software.

Eddie Hawthorne, Chief Executive and Group Managing Director of Arnold Clark, believes the new Arnold Clark Charge network will help drivers make the switch to electric. He said: 'We’re alleviating range anxiety for our customers by installing Kempower’s innovative charging solutions at our branches. The unique selling point of these chargers is that they’re bookable, available at any time and totally secure.

'Once all the charging hubs are installed and operational, we will become one of the largest independent ultra-rapid charging infrastructure suppliers in the UK, which will be an excellent milestone for our sustainability strategy.' Tomi Ristimäki, CEO of Kempower, added: 'The Arnold Clark Charge network is a first of its kind in the UK.

'Through this significant new investment, Arnold Clark will provide charging as a service to its customers, who can see the latest line-up of EVs at the dealership and use other services at the location.'

Arnold Clark recently announced the acquisition of Scottish-based electric vehicle charge point installers, Bumblebee.

From solar powered to smart home wall chargers, Bumblebee has the ability to install every OZEV-approved charge point on the UK market.

As the UK’s largest network of electric car charge point specialists and installers, Bumblebee can provide chargers from industry-leading manufacturers such as Wallbox, Andersen and MyEnergi.

Mr Hawthorne added: 'Last month we bought Bumblebee, an installer of electric vehicle chargers for homes and businesses, and we're delighted to welcome them to the Arnold Clark family.

'We want to help our customers buy an electric vehicle, but we also want to help them to understand what owning, charging and driving an electric vehicle is all about. Bumblebee is part of that strategy and we're going to be supplying customers with our own EV chargers. 'We have some great products coming from Bumblebee, including the world's first modular EV charging point, so keep your eyes peeled for more announcements.'

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