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The benefits of driver training

Making sure your drivers make safety behind the wheel a priority is imperative and has an impact on company accident prevention performance.

Training courses can provide drivers with a refresher of the rules of the road, ways to increase fuel efficiency and update them on any changes to the road laws that they may not have been aware of.

Managing road risk

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) revealed that 86% of fleets surveyed had experienced an accident in the last 12months.

According to the Department for Transport’s recent report on road causalities in Great Britain in 2014 1,301 drivers driving as part of work were seriously injured, with a total number of 15,744 work driver casualties recorded for that year. (Department for Transport September 2015 Reported Road Casualties Great Britain, 2014 Annual Report Moving Britain ahead.)

Corporate responsibilities – if your company employs drivers or has employees who drive frequently as part of their job you have a responsibility for their safety to a certain extent. All businesses have a ‘duty of care’ to their employees who drive for work.

Training your drivers can bring benefits to your company as well as your drivers.

Cut costs

Potentially lowered insurance premiums. Corporate insurance claims can be expensive and you could potentially lower these costs with driver training, making an impact on the number of accidents occurring.

Training drivers to drive efficiently therefore reducing fuel costs. Driving style can affect the fuel efficiency of a vehicle, accelerating and driving at consistently higher speeds uses more fuel. By training your drivers to drive more efficiently you can reduce your fuel costs.

Safer drivers mean they are less likely to be in accidents, however small therefore reducing the cost of repair and vehicle wear and tear.

Improves corporate image. Your drivers reflect your business image, if they drive well they create a more positive reputation for your business than if they are seen to be driving in an unsafe manner.

Although driver training can improve your fleet the change in driver’s attitude is not likely to happen overnight, it could take several sessions or follow-up courses to influence driver mindset.

Our Risk Management solution can provide your fleet with the peace of mind that driver training brings with it. Working in partnership with AA DriveTech we offer accident management, practical training, classroom-based training and seminars.

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