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The best electric cars in 2019

Thinking of switching to electric to reduce your fleet’s CO2 emissions? We round up the best electric cars in 2019, with models to suit every driver and all budgets.

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1. Hyundai Kona Electric


Capable of travelling up to 279 miles on a single charge, the Hyundai Kona Electric has a range that rivals some of the most expensive models on the market. It’s a compact SUV that appeals to families, thanks to its spacious interior cabin and practical safety features like smart cruise control and blind spot detection. And, with the same styling elements as the traditional Kona, the all-electric version stands out, with a distinctive closed front grille and 17-inch alloy wheels.

Why choose the Hyundai Kona Electric?

  • 5-year, unlimited mileage warranty.
  • A 279-mile all-electric range.
  • Choose between a 39 kWh or 64 kWh battery.

2. BMW i3


BMW took the electric vehicle market by storm with the launch of the i3, the first ever premium compact EV. The i3 has a real futuristic feel to it and comes with the precision engineering you’d expect from BMW. And with an impressive electric range which means you won’t have to constantly recharge, it’s no surprise that the i3 is one of the most popular electric city cars.

What does BMW say about the i3?

  • Can travel up to 160 miles on a single charge.
  • 42.2kWh lithium-ion battery
  • Top speeds of up to 93mph.

3. Nissan Leaf


Launched in 2011, the Nissan Leaf (which stands for ‘Leading Environmentally friendly Affordable Family vehicle’) was one of the first all-electric cars that actually resembled other mainstream models. Now in its second generation, the Leaf has an impressive 30kWh battery and boasts even better handling, with instant torque and rapid acceleration. For a compact hatchback, it’s surprisingly spacious, and with five doors, it’s a great option for families looking to make the switch.

Nissan Leaf’s key features:

  • Travel up to 168 miles on a single charge.
  • 5-year battery warranty (or 60,000 miles).
  • Accelerate, brake and come to a complete stop with one pedal.

4. Kia e-Niro


With the spacious cabin you’d expect from an SUV and a low centre of gravity, the Kia e-Niro is practical and really comfortable to drive. It shares much of the same technology as the Hyundai Kona and the two models perform very similarly in terms of electric range and performance. And because it offers a host of safety features and comes with Kia’s famous 7-year warranty, it’s a great option for drivers who value reliability.

Useful stats on the Kia e-Niro:

  • 64 kWh lithium ion polymer battery.
  • 7-year or 100,000-mile warranty.
  • Drive for 282 miles before having to recharge.

5. Jaguar I-Pace


Jaguar’s first all-electric car only launched in 2018 and has already been recognised by the industry, picking up awards like AM’s New Car of the Year. The I-Pace is an SUV with four-wheel drive, but has the look and feel of a luxury saloon car. Its two concentric electric motors mean the handling is light and the performance is just what you’d expect from a Jag, reaching zero to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds. It’s completely kitted out with the very latest in-car technology – it even has a setting to replicate the sound of a fuel-powered engine!

Good things to know about the I-Pace:

  • Takes 90 minutes for the battery to reach 80% capacity.
  • Can travel up to 292 miles on a single charge.
  • Top speeds of up to 124 mph.

6. Renault ZOE


As an entry-level model, the Renault ZOE outperforms its small price tag with smooth handling and an almost silent drive. The stylish supermini comes with a panoramic glass roof and has smart interior design touches. But it’s not just a pretty face. Renault’s compact EV is packed with technology, like the R-LINK touchscreen with Bluetooth, sat nav and an infotainment system. The ZOE is a popular model for fleets because it helps businesses to meet environmental objectives and keeps costs down.

Good things to know about the ZOE:

  • Driving range of up to 186 miles.
  • Charge the battery from your phone with Z.E. Interactive.
  • Comes with a free 7kW home charging point.

7. Audi e-Tron


Promising Audi’s four-wheel drive and trademark performance, the e-Tron is one to watch in 2019. It’s packed with the latest technology and safety features, making it the most advanced Audi yet. Virtual door cameras replace the traditional glass wing mirrors, and ‘Pre-sense 360’, Audi’s premium car sensors, can detect when objects are in front of the car and automatically apply the brakes. Did we mention it also had a starring role in Avengers: Endgame? If it’s good enough for Iron Man…

The Audi e-Tron up close:

  • Lasts for up to 240 miles before it needs to be recharged.
  • 95kWh lithium ion battery.
  • Top speeds of up to 124mph.

8. Tesla Model S


Tesla famously specialises in electric car manufacturing, and the Model S has been a landmark EV since its launch in 2012. Known for lasting the distance, the high-powered Model S can travel over 300 miles on a single charge. The all-electric saloon has a futuristic feel to it, particularly in the cabin where there’s no start button or handbrake – drivers simply get in and go!

Good things to know about the Tesla Model S:

  • Zero to 60mph in 2.4 seconds.
  • A 280-mile all-electric range on the standard model.
  • Top speed of up to 155 mph.

9. Kia Soul EV


This compact SUV is popular among style-conscious commuters who want to drive an environmentally-friendly car. With a black front grille, a boxy exterior and a chunky rear bumper, the Kia Soul has a really distinctive look. And because it comes with four different driving modes, from Eco+ to Sport, drivers are really in control of how much electricity they’re using.

Good things to know about the Soul EV:

  • Drive up to 132 miles on a single charge.
  • Mood lighting and HD navigation system.
  • Top speeds of 90mph (similar to the BMW i3).

10. Volkswagen e-Golf


Unlike other electric cars that have been designed from scratch, the e-Golf is an electric version of an existing model. The electric family hatchback looks exactly like a Golf and drives like one, too. With fully comprehensive built-in safety features and high quality typical of Volkswagen, the e-Golf is a great entry-level electric car. It will suit families with a daily school run or city-based commuters.

The Volkswagen e-Golf up close:

  • A 144-mile range. (Volkswagen confirm that 125-mile range is more realistic)
  • An 8-year or 99,360-mile battery warranty.
  • 35.8kWh lithium ion battery.

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