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BVRLA survey reveals the importance of data within fleet management

On 5th July, ACVM attended the annual British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) Fleet Technology Congress at the Williams F1 Conference Centre in Oxfordshire.

This year’s event explored the latest developments in connectivity and autonomous technology. To discover the extent to which data impacts fleet management, the BVRLA released results from recent surveys, which canvassed opinions from members, fleet managers and drivers. These findings provided a number of discussion points regarding how data is used.

Most are happy for data to be collected

Collection of data in itself does not appear to be a contentious issue for drivers. 95% of respondents said they were happy for diagnostic data to be collected with 93% agreeing for this to be shared with a breakdown company, and 82% happy to alert manufacturers to any issues with parts. From these responses, when it comes to vehicle maintenance and car safety, most people can see the advantages of shared data.

Data becomes a problem when it gets personal

Unsurprisingly, drivers have more concerns when it comes to information about them as individuals, with just 44% happy for data to be shared about their behaviour and performance. Only 36% of drivers were happy for data to be sold regarding their location, weather conditions and vehicle performance.

Manufacturer obligations

Fleet managers and BVRLA members are most concerned about manufacturer data collection. 70% believe that vehicle manufacturers should provide data to the registered keeper of the vehicle, while 79% have concerns that manufacturers are likely to restrict data to further their own business goals.

Who is responsible for data protection?

There was a mixture of opinions about who is responsible for data protection, with the most popular answer being that it will be a shared responsibility of anyone who handles the data. With the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation in less than a year, just over half of respondents believe that their company has a clear strategy regarding its responsibilities regarding data collection and use.

These responses are backed by the feelings of BVRLA Chief Executive Gerry Keaney. He said: ‘This is a new, unregulated environment which explains much of the uncertainty and concern about the roles and responsibilities played by different fleet sector participants.’

‘The BVRLA will play a lead role in helping the fleet sector work with government and the wider automotive supply chain to ensure that all parties share data in an open, secure and fair way.’

ACVM prepared for a data-led future

As the technology has rapidly evolved, it’s clear that data will play a vital role in fleet management. Telematics and data collection have become vital tools in helping to deliver a more efficient service.

Jim Blair, ACVM Operations Manager said: ‘ACVM will continue to develop new technologies to aid fleet managers as well as continuing to educate drivers regarding the nature of the data being collected. As new legislation comes into effect, it’s crucial for our business to know how this will impact our customers and we’ll continue to keep them informed every step of the way.’

You can find more details on the findings of this survey on the BVRLA website.

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