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Vauxhall and Citroën introduce new batteries to improve range on popular electric van options

Both car manufacturers have introduced larger 75kWh batteries, bringing an improvement in range.

The new battery brings with it an improvement in range of up to 15 extra miles, allowing drivers to travel up to 154 miles (WLTP) from a single charge.

The increased range makes it perfect for larger loads in urban environments, while technical updates to the Movano-e’s electric architecture have also resulted in significant charging time improvements, with a 0-80% charge from a 22kW AC charger now taking four hours (down from eight hours).

The Movano-e also comes with 50kW DC (CCS) rapid charging capability as standard, enabling a 0-80% charge to be completed in just one hour.

The Movano-e is available in two lengths – L3 and L4. The former is 5,998mm long, while L4 offers an additional 365mm with a total length of 6,363mm.

Pricing remains unchanged from the previous 70kWh unit, despite the improvements in range and charging times, starting from £57,913.33.

Citroën, meanwhile, hasve also updated its new ë-Relay Electric van range to a 75kWh battery.

Introduced across both 3.5 and 4-tonne models, the new battery replaces the 70kWh capacity previously available.

Similar to the Movano-e, the new battery improves the range by 15 extra miles, meaning drivers can travel up to 154 miles (WLTP).

The increased battery size allows drivers to benefit from more miles without reducing the practical capacity of the new ë-Relay Electric, with up to 15m of load volume and 1,100kg of payload.

Furthermore, the 3.5-tonne models will see no increase in price when moving from a 70kWh to a 75kWh unit.

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