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Fleet managers warned of increased running costs due to vehicles with underinflated tyres

Fleet managers could be losing money if their cars and vans are being run on underinflated tyres.

According to research carried out by ATS Euromaster, running costs could be up by between three to ten per cent for affected fleets.

Based on a current average of 186p per litre for diesel, a 10 per cent increase in costs across a 100-van fleet could cost £1,300 a month.

ATS Euromaster, a national tyre and maintenance provider, inspects 5,800 vehicles each month under its Mastercare service. They found that around 12 per cent of fleet cars and vans are being run on underinflated tyres.

Not only will underinflated tyres increase running costs, but they can also potentially make the vehicle dangerous to use, putting drivers and other road users at significant risk.

Drivers should regularly perform checks on their tyres throughout the year, as they are the only point of the car in direct contact with the road, and ensure they are in good condition.

Drivers should also check the tread depth of their tyres, with the minimum legal tread depth in the UK being 1.6mm. Drivers can use a 20p piece as a guide by inserting the coin at different points across the tread pattern and around the circumference. If any part of the coin’s rim is visible, a professional should check the tyre.

Finally, drivers are advised to perform a thorough visual inspection on all four tyres, looking out for cuts, lumps, or bulges, which could indicate internal damage and should be checked by a tyre professional. Drivers are also advised to carefully remove stones or foreign objects stuck in the tyres’ grooves.

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