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Glasgow introduces low emission zone for all vehicles

A low emission zone (LEZ) is to be introduced in Glasgow city centre by the end of the year.

Glasgow City Council will apply restrictions to service buses as of 31st December 2018.

All other vehicles will be required to meet the LEZ criteria by the end of 2022. Emissions standards Euro 4 for petrol cars and Euro 6 for diesels will become enforceable when the zone is introduced.

Petrol cars manufactured before 2006 and diesels before 2015 will no longer be compliant and will be banned from entering the LEZ. Vehicles who do not meet the new standards and enter the zone will be fined.

Glasgow is to be the first city in Scotland to introduce a low emission zone in an attempt to reduce the city's air pollution. Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen are expected to follow with zones expected by 2020.

Kieran Doherty, ACVM's UK Head of Business, said: 'The need for cleaner air in our city centres is undeniable and we welcome discussions around ways to tackle the issue. However, the social and financial implications these changes may bring must be addressed so that those affected have enough time to plan and make the appropriate adjustments'.

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