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How to choose the correct fuel card for your company

Management information accumulated by card usage allows you to monitor fuel consumption within your fleet.

Questions you need to ask

Type of card

Is it a chip and pin card? Do drivers need to sign for transactions?

Number of sites

How many stations is the card accepted in? Does this include motorway sites?

Reporting capabilities (MI)

Do you receive regular reports on how cards are being used, can you access them yourself or do you have to wait? Are you charged separately for these reports?

Security measures

Will the card be PIN protected? Can cards be cancelled quickly if need be? Are there purchase restrictions? Do the cards have driver/vehicle details on?


Is fuel charged at a fixed price for petrol, a fixed price diesel or are you charged the pump price?


How often are invoices sent? Are they in a HMRC approved format?


Can the card be used for all vehicle types in your fleet?

Benefits of fuel cards

Fuel cards as a form of fuel management bring several benefits for you, your fleet and your drivers.

Reducing petrol and diesel costs, some cards will let you purchase fuel at a reduced or previously agreed cost, lowering your outgoings. If your card doesn’t have this sort of agreement in place there is usually a wide selection of fuel stations drivers can choose from, allowing them to compare fuel costs.

Keep track of your fleet and save money on fuel. Management information accumulated by card usage allows you to monitor fuel consumption within your fleet.

Save on admin costs that pay and reclaim schemes incur. Drivers will not need to provide receipts that would have been processed by your administration team. HMRC approved invoices are sent on a regular basis for your company to pay, therefore saving you time and administrative costs.

It makes refuelling easier for your drivers, they will no longer need to pay up front and reclaim with receipts from every transaction.

There are many fuel card suppliers in the UK that allow you to choose several fuel providers.

The ACVM fuel card is a EuroShell fuel card available thanks to a partnership with Shell. The card delivers competitively priced fuel at over 4,400 UK locations, including a number of fuel providers including Shell, Esso, Gulf, Total, Texaco, GB Oils and Gleaner stations.

EuroShell fuel cards include a dedicated fraud team and customisable card usage in the event of a card being lost or stolen so you can rest assured your losses will be minimal.

Management information is provided by a 24-hour online reporting and account management system, including route planning, station locator and journey costing.

To find out more about our fuel card options please contact us.

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