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MOT extension period ends on 31st July

From 1st August, if your company vehicle is due for its MOT, you will not be eligible for a 6-month extension, and having your MOT done on time will be mandatory.

Due to lockdown in March, all cars that were due for their MOT between 31st March and 31st July were granted an extension. However, the government has since announced that mandatory MOT tests for cars, motorcycles and vans in England, Scotland and Wales will start again on 1st August.

So, what will this mean for fleet vehicles? Paul Hollick, co-chair of the Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP), said:

‘Our advice to fleet managers is to book ahead with MOT stations as soon as possible. If you can’t get vehicles tested before their MOT lapses, you can’t use them. It’s that simple.’

Even under normal circumstances, September is often the busiest month at garages with new car registrations – and workshops experience huge demand. This year, that issue will be compounded by the extension deadline and the added need for stricter appointment systems to maintain social distancing. Industry experts predict record demand come September, and this is likely to last through until the end of January. Booking earlier will help avoid disappointment or the risk of being unable to get an MOT before it expires.

If you need any advice or assistance with booking your vehicle in for an MOT, please get in touch with our dedicated maintenance support line on 0141 352 5200.

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