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Roads Revolution is Good for Business

Earlier this week Prime Minister David Cameron announced plans to invest £15 billion on a series of projects that are designed to improve key roads across the UK.

In what is one of the biggest transport initiatives since the 1970s, the Prime Minister announced over 100 projects that are due over the next 5 years. The aim is to tackle the main problem areas across the country, resurrecting projects that have previously been postponed.

Some of the major routes due for upgrade include the A303, the A1 north of Newcastle, the A47 in the East of England, trans-Pennine roads in the north of England and the A27.

The Prime Minister says that “This will be nothing less than a roads revolution – one which will lead to quicker journey times, more jobs, and businesses boosted right across the country."

“Investment in roads has fallen over the last few years, so we welcome the Prime Ministers initiative.” said Jim Blair, Operations Manager for Arnold Clark Vehicle Management.

“An efficient transport infrastructure is good for business. Even if there is a political dimension to the announcement, it’s encouraging to see some flesh on the bones of the capital investment the Chancellor promised in the 2013 Budget.”
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