Driver rewards and telematics

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The benefits you’ll see from Lightfoot:

  • Rewards good driving.
  • Immediate return on investment.
  • Safer and more compliant drivers.
  • Sustainable fuel savings.
  • Reduction in downtime.
  • Reduced insurance-related costs.
  • Robust duty of care solution.

Lightfoot’s driver reward system is a unique, connected car technology which gives drivers real-time feedback through advanced engine analytics and telematics data.

The system offers a potential 20% saving on fuel bills, a 45% reduction in downtime and a 60% reduction in accidents.

Lightfoot disrupts the traditional telematics model of tracking and after-the-incident reports. Instead, it instead offers real-time visual and verbal feedback, empowering drivers to correct problems with their driving as they happen. Drivers can turn their good driving into deals, discounts and prizes, with Lightfoot’s rewards platform.

Available in cars and LCVs, Lightfoot encompasses all the features you’d expect from telematics technology, all wrapped up in a simple, user-friendly portal. Fleet managers can track drivers on the road with data provided on position, speed and driver behaviour. Additional functions include vehicle management, vehicle health checks, remote diagnostics, MOT reminders and geofencing.

Arnold Clark Vehicle Management works closely with Lightfoot to arrange every step of the process, from initial discussions and product trials to installation.

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