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ACVM gets more efficient with FuelGood driver training

At ACVM, we’re always looking for ways to help make our fleets and drivers become more efficient.

Recently, we sent a number of our staff for FuelGood driver training. This is a scheme delivered by the Energy Saving Trust, which is designed to help Scottish businesses cut down on their carbon emissions and reduce fuel costs.

Training sessions were delivered by driving specialists Auto Global Solutions Ltd. with expert instructors providing invaluable advice. The training took the form of a drive around a pre-set route, and staff were instructed to drive as they would normally. After the first round, the instructor reset the trip computer, this time providing guidance to help improve efficiency, telling the driver how to anticipate their surroundings more effectively and advising on the most economical ways to get up to speed.

As most of our staff drive hybrids, they’re already enjoying a more efficient drive. With the direction provided, however, they were still able to make significant difference to their MPG. Everyone who completed the course was awarded a certificate from the Energy Saving Trust, showing the efficiencies made on the day as well as the overall savings they could make over the course of the year by putting their new knowledge into practice.

Calum Ewart, ACVM Corporate Sales Director said: ‘It’s always useful to gain a refresher in the basics of driving and this course provided our staff with plenty of useful, practical knowledge which we hope can be passed onto customers. It’s our job to understand how to make driving more efficient, which helps makes savings, provides lower risk of vehicle wear and best of all, is more environmentally friendly.’

Over the last five years, more than 350 organisations and 12,500 drivers have benefited from FuelGood driver training. The average driver improves their MPG by almost 15% during their training day.

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