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ACVM launch Journeys mileage capture mobile app

Take control of your business mileage with Journeys

Worrying about the accuracy of your business mileage will become a thing of the past with our newly launched Journeys mobile app.

We’re always looking for ways to improve our customer experience. And we know just how time-consuming tracking business mileage can be for both fleet managers and drivers – not to mention the issues that arise from human error.

That’s why our new app, exclusively reserved for customers of Arnold Clark Vehicle Management, makes it easier than ever for drivers to log their mileage.

All they have to do is tell the app when they’re starting your journey, and when it’s complete. When they provide a reason for the journey, we’ll calculate the distance travelled and the time spent driving.

Journeys is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, and can be easily downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Once installed, drivers just need to log in with their AutoCentre account details and they’ll find the intuitive interface simple to use.

David Cooper, Managing Director of ACVM said: ‘Journeys makes recording business trips easier than ever for our leasing customers. And because it’s been designed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate with our AutoCentre portal – and track journeys in rental vehicles and grey fleet vehicles – it provides our clients with a comprehensive picture of their business mileage.’

Journeys uses GPS tracking, so when a journey is logged it can be submitted directly to AutoCentre. If a driver loses their internet connection, the app will save the route so they can submit it later when the signal returns.

When a driver needs to log a business trip in another vehicle, they just enter the registration number and Journeys will validate the vehicle information. It’s easy to switch vehicles, which makes Journeys perfect for courtesy cars, rental cars and grey fleet.

At the start of every month, we ask drivers to submit an odometer reading. That helps us calculate the monthly mileage on a vehicle. And because we assume journeys are private, it encourages drivers to make sure that every business journey is properly recorded.

The mobile app integrates with the previously available web version, helping fleet managers see the bigger picture. Through AutoCentre, it’s possible to review business journeys by Cost Centre, Driver or Vehicle. Journey logs can then either be exported or viewed on screen.

Download the free Journeys app from Google Play or the App Store today.

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