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Five key features you’ll want for your company car

Here are five must-have features to keep in mind if you’re thinking about getting a company car.

Getting a new car is an exciting time for anyone.

But if you’re in the position of thinking about which company car to get, then we’ve put together this list of must-have features to consider.

From Bluetooth connectivity to parking assistance, if you’re using your car for work then these are just some of the essential features you might want to keep in mind.

1. Keyless entry and start

If your hands are full, it’s incredibly useful to be able to open, close and start your car without using a key.

Most modern cars will come with a fob. If you keep this somewhere about your person, whether that's in a pocket or in your bag, the car will sense you're close and unlock the doors for you. It'll lock the car as you walk away, too, so you’ll never need to panic about whether you remembered to lock up again.

2. Bluetooth connectivity

If you often make business calls from your car and want to keep on the right side of the law, you’ll need a car with Bluetooth.

Most cars with Bluetooth will allow you to make and receive telephone calls without touching your phone, while some may even be able to read out your text messages.

And of course, Bluetooth is always handy if you want to connect music from your phone.

3. Sat nav

Arguably, an essential for those who are using their car for work and travelling to new places. Not only can sat nav guide you on your journey, most systems will also let you know if any traffic situations are up ahead and redirect your route.

4. Cruise control

If you rely on your car and don’t want to face losing your licence, one useful feature is being able to set a maximum speed, especially during long motorway journeys.

5. Parking assistance

If you are using your car to travel to new places a lot, parking assistance could be a useful tool. Unfamiliar parking spaces can be a nightmare, but with parking assistance you will get a warning (lights or noise) if there is anything you are about to hit when parking – protecting your car from any possible damage.

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