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Lightfoot blog: Four ways to increase the productivity of your fleet

We’re partners with Lightfoot, an innovative technology company whose driver reward system provides real-time feedback through advanced engine analytics and in-cab coaching.

In this blog post, Lightfoot discuss the different ways fleet managers can keep drivers feeling productive and engaged.

Motivated and dedicated drivers are key to the success of a fleet, but engaging drivers and increasing productivity is easier said than done. Many fleet managers do their best to encourage and engage their employees, but struggle to hit upon the magic formula. If you need help keeping your drivers safe, engaged, and committed; these four tips will help get you on the path to a happier, more productive fleet.

1: Creating a workplace relationship

The boss should always have the final say in the workplace, however, it is also important to build up a supportive relationship between employer and employees. Just because you’re responsible for your fleet drivers’ safety and performance, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get to know them properly.

When your drivers feel supported, they feel like they have a voice and can share any negative or unenthusiastic feelings. When drivers have a good relationship with the fleet manager, they are likely to work harder to do their best - because nobody wants to disappoint people they like. In fact, a study by the New York Times Sunday Review showed that happier employees work harder and are therefore more productive, so creating a happy and friendly atmosphere is in everyone’s best interests.

2: Understanding their own importance

Fleet companies provide a range of services for a variety of people, meaning that each individual driver is key in keeping the whole ecosystem of the business going. Many employers can be reluctant to express the importance of their employees because of misplaced fears that they might become too comfortable or ease off their hard work. What’s important to remember, though, is that a passion for the company and its cause leads to higher levels of motivation. When your driver appreciates their importance within the business, they can appreciate their role in the company’s success. This serves as motivation for drivers to work harder as when they believe in the business, they will want to have an impact on its success.

3: Rewards and motivation

It’s a well-known fact that competitions and rewards encourage motivation within the workplace and outside of it. It’s human nature to be competitive, so introducing some friendly rivalry between your employees is a light-hearted yet effective method to boost productivity in your fleet.

By introducing prizes and rewards for these competitions, you offer even more of an incentive to engage your drivers. If you fancy not only monitoring your drivers’ safety but also being able to offer competitions, scores, and rewards hassle-free, perhaps you should learn more about Lightfoot and how we can save you money while saving the world.

4: Well-rested and cared-for drivers

While we have already covered that a happy driver is a helpful driver, something equally as important to consider is the physical and mental wellbeing of your employees. Someone who is tired or unwell often lacks the level of concentration that is required to drive safely, and can therefore be a danger on the road. By pulling a weary-looking driver to the side and double checking that they feel well enough to be out on the road, you may not just be saving yourself the cost of a crash, but also saving a life. By ensuring the wellbeing of your drivers, your fleet will be able to function more efficiently with a reduced risk of accidents – which will obviously do good for everyone.

Interested? Get in touch today and ask about range of solutions to help improve driver motivation and productivity.

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