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Employee car leasing just got better

Arnold Clark Vehicle Management is launching an exciting new product, Affinity Cars. It's the new way to reward employees with personal car leasing deals - and it won't cost your business a penny to sign up.

What is Affinity Cars?

Affinity Cars offers your business the opportunity to reward employees with competitive car leasing deals.

It's a great option for employees who aren't eligible for a company car, or employers who have opted out of a company car scheme and offer a cash allowance instead.

Affinity Cars works as an alternative to new employee benefits packages which can be costly and time-consuming.

How does it work?

All your business needs to do is sign up for Affinity Cars and Arnold Clark Vehicle Management will take care of the rest. When your employees register for Affinity Cars, they can shop online for thousands of car leasing deals that'll be delivered for free anywhere in the UK mainland.

Employees will take out a personal car lease, which means the agreement is between the employee and us. Our Affinity Cars website and 24/7 employee support team means we have everything covered, so you don't have to do a thing.

Who can sign up?

Any business that has at least one employee can sign up to Affinity Cars. Whether you're the HR manager of a large corporation, or you own a small business with a handful of employees, Affinity Cars can help.

What are the benefits for employees?

Employees won't need to visit a showroom because everything's done online. We're part of the Arnold Clark Group and have close links to vehicle manufacturers, meaning we can provide any make or model available in the UK at competitive prices.

You'll have complete peace of mind knowing your employees are dealing with one of the top leasing companies in the UK, and that our leasing deals are only accessible to businesses that have signed up for Affinity Cars.

It's easy for your business to sign up to Affinity Cars. Fill out an enquiry form, or call us on 0141 332 2626.

Interested to find out more? Arrange a demo with a member of our team and see how Affinity Cars can work for you.

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